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As a discount variety retailer we must offer our customers products that are value for money and fit for purpose. To achieve this we demand our suppliers comply with our code of practice:

  • All products comply with Australia Standards and Regulations;
  • All products be safe to use and fit for purpose; and
  • All products comply with product labeling, barcode format and carton marking standards.

In selecting our suppliers we evaluate not only the product but the ethical standards our suppliers represent. Our suppliers must:

  • Preserve the confidentiality of information obtained in the course of their relationship with The Reject Shop;
  • Understand the importance of providing complete information to The Reject Shop in order to assist in decision-making;
  • Be consistent, predictable, trustworthy and cooperative;
  • Alert The Reject Shop to circumstances potentially affecting performance, cost, and availability or scheduling; and
  • Fully comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations in each jurisdiction in which they do business, including foreign countries.

For further information please refer to our Ethical Sourcing Policy.

If you believe you can meet our standards and have an exciting product that would interest us you can contact our buying office on (03) 9371 5555 or email us directly:

Andrew Pardoe


Manchester, Seasonal Softgoods, Clothing, Rainwear, Fashion Accessories

Andrew Roe


Electrical Accessories, Hardware

Chantal Olson



Daniel Snell


Stationery, Photography, Luggage

Jeff Woolley


Garden, Furniture, Petcare

Josh Trezise


Cards, Wrap, Party

Nicole Langner


Craft, Toys, Recreation

Paul Saitov


Food, Drinks, Confectionery, Seasonal Food

Paul Smith


General Housecares, Home Storage

Talana Nedelkos


Christmas, Seasonal, Home Deco, Aroma

Werner Dakovic


Toiletries, Cleaning